Slate Series Artist Premiere at Salt of the Earth by Stephanie Armbruster

 Stephanie Armbruster: Slate 1, 12' x 20,' chalk on slate

Stephanie Armbruster: Slate 1, 12' x 20,' chalk on slate

Slate 1: Deus ex machina battles three nihilists for nothing.

Opening: January 19, 6-9pm
Closing: February 2, 6-9pm

Four times a year, Salt of the Earth will invite local artists to transform it's floor to ceiling slate wall into a temporary work of art. The catch? Artists must use chalk as their only medium.  

When Liza approached me about the Salt Slate Series, I fell in love with the idea of a temporary piece that would literally be wiped away, preserved only by memory and artifact. Large format work has always appealed to me due to its natural ability to influence and shape the perception of space. The piece that I’ve created for the Salt Slate Series is related to my current body of works in progress concerning the permeable boundaries between literary fictions, personal truths, dreams and memory. 

Each original chalk art piece will exhibit for three weeks, and new artists will be selected four times per year. Limited prints of each Slate Series will be available for sale at Salt of the Earth.

Visit for more information about the restaurant, and future Slate Series artists.